310-4T2X12 Multiuse Essential Oil, Spice, Sauce, Herb, Rack


Multi Use Essential Oil Holder, Spice, Sauce, Herb or WHATEVER Multipurpose Display Rack

Item #310-4T2X12 answers the question “How do people display essential oils?”

This 310-4T2x12 multi use wooden essential oil bottle holder, display rack, stand, and organizer shelf saves space and fits a quite a few dissimilar bottle sizes.  Any vial 2” or less will stack and display well in this multipurpose display.

This oil rack has four levels of display and the measurement for each tier is approximately 12-1/8” wide and 2-1/32” deep.

The approximate overall dimension for this bottle holder is 13-7/16 wide, 10.5” deep and 5.25” tall. It’s just right so you can place it into a kitchen cabinet or a cupboard, therefore; designed to save counter top space.

Yes, we are the manufacturer and build these in the USA. We use the best solid red oak and seal each one with a beautiful natural hardwood finish.

If you prefer individual holes, we can tweak the dimensions a little bit and build it that way for you upon request.

Easily displays a variety of different vials 2” OD or smaller

Six 2″ bottles (6 on 4 levels= 24)

Nine 30 ml 1 oz. bottles (9 on 4 levels = 36)

Twelve 15 ml bottles (12 on 4 levels = 48)

Seven 2 oz. bottles (7 on 4 levels = 28)

Twenty four 5 ml bottles (24 on 4 levels = 96)

Six 1 oz. glass jars (6 on 4 levels = 24)

Twenty one 10 ml bottles (21 on 4 levels = 44)

We custom build display shelves suitable for your table and counter top needs.

Wooden displays, stands, holders and racks are commonly used for essential oil, body perfumes, Young Living oils, Doterra oils, spices, herbs, sauces and other essential oil storage cabinet needs.

This message is for whoever thinks an individual hole is crucial for quick access and easy view.

310-4T2x12 multiuse display was intended to store multiple bottle sizes, save space and designed to store more bottles in a smaller space. It all makes practical sense when you realize oil vials can be found easily too in a group as compared to when they are staggered or spread out. By adding adhesive labels to each lid top you can easily read the content of each bottle standing up. A circle label with Oil Lock™ keeps labels looking crisp, clean and professional or you could simply use a laser printer and make your own.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 10 cm

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