Miracle II Product Reviews and Testimonials

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Miracle II Reviews and Testimonials

I’d like to thank you for introducing me to the Miracle ll products. They have been such a blessing in our lives. I had used several environmentally safe soaps but wasn’t very pleased with the results, or the price. Now I use Miracle II soap to wash my face, hair, body, laundry, and as a kitchen and bathroom cleaner. It leaves my skin so soft and my hair so shiny. I also use the Neutralizer to spray on my face and as a detangler on my hair. I use a mix of half Neutralizer gel and half Miracle II lotion for my face. It cleared up my acne, minimized my wrinkles, and took care of my dry skin. I have a chemical sensitivity and have had problems with commercial soaps, but not with the Miracle II products. They work even better than expensive soaps and creams, and I know that they are as good for the environment as they are for me.

I am even more excited about the health benefits my husband and I have experienced. I take soak baths with the soap and Neutralizer, as well as taking the Neutralizer orally. I have noticed a new vitality, clear skin, and a major relief from colon and digestive problems. I had acid reflux so bad for almost a year that medication wasn’t helping. It was coming up my throat, and burning it and my esophagus so badly that I could barely swallow or talk. I found that when It would come up my throat, I could gargle and swallow about a half tablespoon of Neutralizer, and the burning would immediately be gone. Over some time, the symptoms are almost gone. My doctor is amazed!​

My husband has also greatly benefited from Miracle ll. He had a severe rash from a combination of medications, and the doctors couldn’t eliminate it. His itching was a sore trial for many months. The dermatologist gave him some lotion to put on it. Even though it controlled the symptoms of the rash, I knew that it was because the lotion was just clogging the pores, keeping the toxins from eliminating through the skin, and that his liver was probably toxic as well. He started taking soak baths with the neutralizer and soap, which opened his pores, and immediately the rash came back, as I hoped it would. He was encouraged to keep doing them as well as to take it internally, and to put up with the itching until the toxins could be eliminated. He hung in there for a miserable month. At first, he had some uncomfortable detox symptoms such as increased body odor, minor flu-like symptoms, and rash. After 14 baths in one month, the rash was gone and he had no more detox symptoms. It has been several months with no recurrence, and he has had more energy and feels much better physically.​

I also was bottle-feeding a runt orphaned kitten that was about 10 days old. It was doing so poorly and had a thick film across its eyes. I was afraid that it would die. I added a drop of Neutralizer to its bottle and put some Neutralizer drops and gel in its eyes three times a day. By the next day, it was moving around more, and the film was going away, leaving matter oozing from its eyes. I kept them clean and continued the Neutralizer. Six Days later, its eyes were completely cleared, and it was as healthy and active as its siblings. ​

I’m so excited about all the results from the Miracle ll products that I feel completely comfortable sharing the news with my friends and neighbors. Thanks again!!!

N Brughelli (02 Sept 2004)

My husband sprayed our garden with the soap and neutralizer, and we have had unbelievable results! The cabbages are 4 times bigger than last year. We have never had success with tomatoes, but so far they seem to be producing blossoms and forming fruit earlier than ever before. The insects just don’t seem to be bothering the plants either.

I feel much better after bathing with the soap and neutralizer. I require about 1/3 less sleep and have so much more energy. My ability to analyze information and comprehend the written and spoken word has improved so drastically; it has never been this good even as a college student. My memory has also improved–I can just think better.

I thank God every day for the soap and neutralizer. He is so kind to His children here on earth. I know that our bodies become polluted and sick with all the toxins we come in contact with. He knew that the people of the earth were suffering and in need of His divine intervention. I am involved in so much volunteer work that I don’t have time to sell Miracle 2 products, but my husband and I try to tell as many people about them as we can. We have been successful in helping people start using the product, and we
send them to your website.

Grant & Linda B.

My husband, Owen, manages an art gallery. One of their employees has a beautiful, well-mannered German Shepherd-cross. One Saturday evening, Owen came home and told me he ran into Kristin, and that her dog was very sick. It had been vomiting for two days along with explosive diarrhea. When its bowels were emptied of diarrhea, the dog proceeded to shoot out blood instead.

No vet was available to see the dog until Monday morning. I was very concerned and empathized with someone helplessly watching a beloved companion in serious distress. I was afraid the dog had eaten some poison and might not make it till Monday. I called Kristin and told her a little about the Miracle products and asked if she would be willing to give the dog some Neutralizer. I was hoping it might help staunch the internal bleeding until the dog could get to the vet. My husband took her a 4oz. bottle and she gave the dog 3 oz. that night. The next day the dog was perfectly healthy. Kristin said that when she saw he was well enough to chase the cats, she canceled her vet appointment.

Many Blessings to everyone, ​
Lenora, CA

Hello, this is Dawson and Venus King,
Thanks to Moiera, Moreen, and Cindy, our son Elias was stung by a scorpion the other day! Not for the sting but for the Miracle!!!!!!! Panic is it deadly? Our six-year-old! It was swelling up maybe two inches around his ankle. Cindy gave us some neutralizers and gel. We gave him, topical on the sting every half hour some gel, and a half of a cap, not a cup full of neutralizer every half hour in a cup of water by the time we got to the emergency room some two hours after the bite. The swelling had completely gone away. The Doctors were shocked, and amazed we just knew enough to tell him it was the Miracle II stuff.

Thanks, Father, Clayton, and all you Miracle workers. God bless.

Last week, Elizabeth’s horse didn’t come running up the pasture when my son, Steve, went to feed him. Steve left the food out for him got in his truck and drove down to the main road. The horse always met him and followed him back. This Monday, he didn’t. Steve had worked all​night and was tired and anxious to drive back home – a 15-minute drive. But something made him turn
around and go back behind the shed where the food was.

He found the horse in a pool of blood, lying down. He had somehow injured his hoof and taken out a big chunk on his leg. Steve tied a tourniquet on the artery and called the vet, who had to remove a chunk of his hoof. Steve was told to give him antibiotics and change the dressing. The vet said that he would probably get a tumor growing out of the leg.

The next couple of days Steve cleaned it and bandaged it. He said the horse was very ill… couldn’t keep his head up. He was walking with his head almost touching the ground and in pain. Flies were all around the bandage and green pus was coming out.
Elizabeth had been gone for three days and hadn’t seen her horse. On the third day, she saw him. She cried and said, “We will have to put him down. He’s an old horse.” Anyway, my son was telling me all about it, so I gave him the Miracle II soap and Miracle II gel. Steve
went and poured the soap and gel, didn’t rinse off all the soap, then packed it with cotton soaked in the gel and wrapped it well. The very next morning the horse – who is called​
Telly – was waiting for him. His head was high. He was limping, but he was able to walk on his leg. He
noticed no flies; no green pus was on his bandage.

Today it’s been ten days since the injury. Of course, he has a limp; but I have a feeling it will get better. Steve was so excited when all this happened, he yelled, “It’s a miracle!” Those three words are truly a miracle, so he gave thanks to God. Telly has lost a big chunk, four to five inches of hoof. I’m hoping the vet is wrong. He hasn’t seen the horse yet, because he charges a lot of money. Steve said the horse was doing great. Incidentally, Steve doesn’t know how the accident happened except he found some barbed wire someone had thrown in the pasture. But there wasn’t much blood around anywhere. ​

Mavis Jones, CA

Lafayette Miracle ll products are great products! A bath with one ounce of moisturizing soap and two ounces of neutralizer brings the skin from its acid state to alkaline. After finishing my bath, I do not rinse off. I pat myself dry and apply skin moisturizer over my entire body. This brings my skin back to its acid stage and leaves the pores open. The neutralizer I take internally can then continue to expel the poison through the skin (the largest organ for expelling the waste).​Any other lotion or cream will only clog the pores. By doing this bath each day- most of your aches, pains, and discomfort will be eliminated. Furthermore, if you help enough people to feel and look better, you will be greatly rewarded financially.​

Dr. Lulu Williams, Florida

My wife had been on M-2 Neutralizer for quite some time and I was unaware and skeptical of the benefits of the product until one day, I walked under my deck, looking down, and scraped a nasty “brush burn” abrasion to the top of my head. It began to bleed burn and sting. My wife suggested putting the M-2 gel on it. After applying it to the injury, the bleeding and pain stopped immediately and didn’t reoccur.

Over the years on occasion, I will develop ringworm that normally grows and spreads, but about 3 weeks ago, one developed on my left thigh and began to itch and grow. I began to bathe with the M-2 soap and apply gel with a Band-Aid at night. Within a few days, the ringworm was gone without the normal spreading and growth previously experienced. Thank the Lord for M-2. I’ve had a problem for a long time with my gums bleeding when I brush my teeth. Within a few days after using M-2 gel and a small drop of M-2 soap to brush my teeth, my gums no longer bleed – goodbye gingivitis!

I developed an abrasion to my left eye by sticking my tip into it. This caused a high sensitivity to allergens causing great pain and incessant tearing. To attempt self-treatment without a medical visit, I put two drops of Neutralizer two to three times a day and also the gel. In 2 1/2 to 3 days the eye was 100% healed. Again I give the Lord the glory and thanks for giving me these great products.​

Darrel Bliss, LA

My husband and I have been using the Miracle II products for over a year now and have gotten so we take for granted the good things that they have done for us. In looking back over our time with these products, I remember that my first “surprise” was when, after my first two or three baths, three moles on my tummy had just curled up and died. They were gone!

During the warm weather, I would take my bath when the heat of the day had gotten to me. At the end of my 30 minutes in the bubble bath, I never failed to feel re-energized. I have had some physical problems that made fatigue a major problem for me. So, at least for me, the baths were my salvation when I reached the point of exhaustion. The wonderful side effect was that my skin seemed to return to some of its youthful glow.​

Joy Moore, OR

On Tuesday this week we opened our first package from LAF MIRACLE
2. When we read that the Neutralizer treats cataracts, I put some into a dropper bottle and did so in both eyes. Many years ago the
cataract on my left eye was removed and a glaucoma filter was installed at the same time. In 1998 a retina complication (cellophane retinopathy) blurred my vision. The next day in the late afternoon after the fourth application I had a great surprise: waiting for the red light to change, I realized that I READ the license plate on the car in front of me!! Weakly, a little blurred, but my wife and I rejoiced AND GAVE GOD THE GLORY.

That evening Bobbie spilled half of a cup of tea in the chair she was sitting in. I began a carpet and upholstery cleaning service in 1983, and I knew that a beautiful antique cushion was simply ruined. Caffeine from coffee or tea is very damaging. I started with an application of Miracle II suds followed by a Neutralizer, rinsed with water applied a Polymer solution vacuum dried it as much as possible with big equipment, and then put it in front of the return air register overnight. The next morning it was dry
and spotless GOD BE THE GLORY.

Ten years ago I had the pleasure of working with a car polish company about auto paint protection with polymers. Cleaning with the wrong chemical takes off large amounts of paint, damaging the paint, and the cloth turns the paint color. This evening late I took the Neutralizer out to my 1986 truck and cleaned and polished the right front fender. The results are spectacular. VERY LITTLE paint came off and the shine is deep and beautiful-PRAISE GOD.

Tomorrow, Friday is the fourth day using these God-given products. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? We can trust it will be good. Our thanks to you for all of your hard work bringing this to us and Mr. Tedeton for answering God’s call.​

Jerry Kraft, SC

P.S. 12-7-01 – Last night my left eye read the time, shaky but legible. It will get better. 11:20 – I am back
from the golf course where I saw 6 out of 12 into the before Miracle II I saw none.

A diabetic with severe foot problems with thick calluses caused much discomfort and expense due to having to go monthly, sometimes bimonthly, to a podiatrist to have their feet shaved and checked by the doctor, my mother started to soak her feet nightly in her foot bath with one ounce of Neutralizer and one ounce of Miracle II regular soap. After the 3o-minute soak, she began drying her feet well, rubbing the entire foot with gel then the skin moisturizer. Within several months, the calluses were greatly reduced. Encouraged
by this, she continued this faithfully. After a year of this practice, she no longer visits the doctor, and has no rough cracking skin or calluses. No longer does she have painful times of trying to walk with calluses.​

Gretchen Bliss, LA

At the age of 15 years, I had an illness that the doctors could not diagnose. It turned out to be something called mononucleosis. From the beginning of this illness to the time when it was finally diagnosed, I did not receive proper care or treatment. When I was in my late 20s, I was examined by an endocrinologist and found to have a virus present in my blood known as Epsteinbar. This usually develops into something known as chronic fatigue syndrome which then develops into fibromyalgia. This was the conclusion of my physician. By my early 40’s, I was in constant pain with fibromyalgia and sleeping a minimum of 12 hours a night, but still feeling tired.

This continued into my early 50s when I was introduced to the Miracle II products. Upon receiving the Miracle II, I read the brochure from cover to cover and immediately began implementing many of the suggestions given by people who had already experienced benefits. Basically, the regime was to bathe in the Soap and Neutralizer. This was no problem for me since I love bubble baths. I also began to take the Neutralizer in water daily. I began with 1/2 teaspoon and have now increased to 2-4 ounces per day taken with water. After 6 to 8 weeks of daily spraying painful areas with the Neutralizer or rubbing in the Neutralizer Gel as well as taking the liquid Neutralizer internally, I realized that I was no longer in constant pain. I have continued this for 2 years and I am about 90% pain-free and now sleep approximately 6 hours per night.​

JoAnn R. Mula, LA

Since at least 1981, I have frequently, experienced symptoms that which Mayo Clinic has named “Restless Legs Syndrome.” This is not a disease, usually occurs at night, causing the extremities especially the legs to cramp and cause discomfort. Moving the restless legs brings relief. Sitting for extended periods can also bring this on. It was reported that one in twenty Americans have Restless Legs Syndrome. Mayo Clinic determined that the cause was sensitivity to caffeine. Others think it might be inherited, or a vitamin deficiency. Even thou I gave up caffeine in 1981, I still was unable to sleep well. My husband’s sleep was also disturbed by my restlessness. I had to use pain-relieving gel for relief.

Sleep Apnea is a potentially life-threatening condition in which the throat relaxes and closes during sleep. It affects nearly one of every ten Americans. With sleep apnea, you actually stop breathing anywhere from ten seconds up to three minutes, and then gasp for air (making a snoring sound) and then resume breathing. People with sleep apnea have a much higher risk of heart attacks. A true diagnosis needs to be made by a medical doctor.

On November 16, 2002, I began taking the neutralizer: seven drops in a glass of water, and then increased it to fourteen drops in water, every morning. I thank the Lord because within one week, I noticed a dramatic improvement and within another week I had no sleep apnea and was almost entirely free of Restless Leg Syndrome. My husband and I both sleep peacefully now. The health benefits that have come into my life since using Miracle II products have been a true gift from God.​

Gayleen Marshall, R.N., AZ

I could not wait to share this -with you. Four days ago, my cousin, Tony who has the keys to my house when we are away got poisoned with some sort of rat and mouse poison when he ate some raw unwashed corn on the cob. He was in critical condition in the hospital because his creatinine hit really high meaning that his kidneys were not functioning due to the poison.

The Doctor was preparing him to go on dialysis to release the poisons from his system if it did not start to go down. He had entered the hospital Friday night. We could not go to see him until Saturday evening when I started to feel better. Guess what I took with me. The neutralizer drink of course, and praises to God I had purchased the double potency before I left the States.

I barely gave him 1/2 ounce to drink with water. Yesterday, Sunday morning, his creatinine had dropped from a whopping 9 points straight down to a 2. When the doctor came in to see him this Monday morning, it had dropped to zero, and the doctor could not believe his eyes and demanded another test to be run just in case there was an error along with an ultrasound. He said that this is impossible it cannot happen.

It would have taken at least 15 days before his creatinine level would have gone down by itself. The doctor is going to give me an official document that states what happened, and I have Tony’s testimony as well. We are going to document the miracle. More than that, Tony is being released to go home tomorrow, only after four days. That is incredible. The doctor is still stunned.

I saw the doctor this evening when we were visiting Tony at the hospital and he had a lot of questions to ask me. Of course, before Tony had taken the drink he had a lot of questions to ask me. Of course, before Tony had taken the drink, I had prayed over him and anointed his head with oil. God worked a synergistic two-in-one miracle: Prayer and Neutralizer combined. Praise be to His Holy Name.

The doctor is a very sweet Muslim, and guess what, that allowed me to witness him through the Miracle II Neutralizer. He got the whole story of Clayton from me, and how Jesus works, AMEN. After he heard me, the doctor asked if I could give him some gel and soap because his left toe had been aching badly for several days. I gave him some, of course. I hope we have won this doctor over,
and perhaps one day he will accept Christ as his personal Savior as well. I did ask him to tell me what happened to his toe. So who knows?​

Claire Haddad, VA

I am 33 years old and began taking Feminine Natur-Aly a month ago. Since and during this time, I have experienced weight loss, a decrease in anxiety, mood swings and less irritable. This has done wonders for my family and me! I give thanks to God and praise Him for my health and well-being.​

Tonya Meche, LA

Dear Bob,
I went to my cousin’s house with really bad sunburn. She told me of this stuff she was selling how it was blessed by God, and how it would cure the sunburn. She told me all about it and how it came to be. Told me that it was blessed, and good things would happen to me if I used it. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement. I thought this was just a scam. I sprayed the neutralizer on my arms and it took away the pain immediately. I figured it would hurt later. I sprayed the stuff in my mouth, pretending it was breath spray because the bottle she had it in resembled it. I put some of the lotions on my neck because it usually hurt, but it didn’t hurt much at the time. My roommate put it on both her elbows. (I don’t know what is up with her elbows, but they ALWAYS hurt her.) It took her pain away right away. Here is what happened to me. The sunburn NEVER hurt again and immediately started chapping the next
day (which is weird-it usually takes longer to chap). The next day, I realized that I hadn’t been thirsty since I sprayed the stuff in my mouth. I usually drink quite a bit of water or colas and I just wasn’t thirsty. Also, my neck never hurt and didn’t hurt the following day. My roommate went to work the next day and said her arms never hurt her.

Also, my uncle who was always lethargic has had a wonderful change that he owes to Miracle 2. He lost 40 pounds, which is amazing for him, but the most noticeable change is the look on his face. The energy he puts out. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s like a whole new uncle! He is a new person! ​

RD Cooner, GA

Glaucoma has been a concern or problem in my life for about 20 years. When first discovered the doctors put me on eye drops (Bitoptics) to reduce the eye pressure. The eye is considered to have abnormal pressure when it is above 17 or 18 (a reading taken by a special machine). During this time frame, cataracts were discovered in my eyes but not considered a major concern. My December checkup indicated a pressure of 18 so the doctor wanted to see me in 3 months to see if it was getting worse (a higher number). I was also concerned because 3 years ago another doctor took me off the drops entirely, meaning my pressure was under control.

However, at the end of February, I came in contact with the Miracle II products. The keyword that attracted me during my introductory talk was that the neutralizer was an alkalizer (which makes the body more alkaline as opposed to more acid-a dangerous condition). At about the same time, I was taking a product to do exactly that and it wasn’t working. So upon hearing those words, I decided to order the neutralizer and the soap (later I ordered more products).

On March 5, 2003, I started to take the products (I just couldn’t wait for them to arrive). In the meantime, I changed doctors and rescheduled an appointment from the beginning of March to the end of March in anticipation of positive results (an inner feeling about Miracle II). At first, I took 7 drops of neutralizer and 1 drop of soap in a glass of water, morning and night. Then I
mixed some soap and water in an empty shampoo bottle so I could shower with the products (today I use the foaming bottle – love it). A few days later, I put some neutralizer in an empty bottle with a dropper and started to put 2 drops of neutralizer in each eye morning and night. Almost immediately my eyes felt relaxed but the most significant result was that my eyes didn’t tire easily after looking at the computer screen for a long time.

I also started to brush my teeth with 1 drop of soap on my toothbrush. What a wonderful feeling of cleanliness in my mouth. Best of all I could swallow the soap and not bother to rinse out (now I use gel with the soap). My teeth are getting whiter! I did not take any baths but about 2 weeks later, I increased the neutralizer to 1 ounce with water morning and night. At the same time, I started to take a mouthful of pure neutralizer at night before going to bed.

On March 26, 2003, with great anticipation, I went to my eye checkup with my new doctor who had all my records from my previous doctors including photos of my retina taken in ’87 (photos of the retina are used as a visual comparison over time to see if the pressure inside the eye is damaging the retina causing blindness; this is painless).

The doctor went through all of his tests and at the end, he announced to me that my eyes were normal and no medication was needed. I felt so relieved and thankful!! The pressure measured 15 in both eyes and the photo comparison showed no change over time. The doctor didn’t mention any cataracts but when I asked him about it he said they were not large enough to mention. He did explain to me that there is a small cataract forming in the center and rear of the lens. Something not to worry about. Who knows maybe I’ll have a story in the future about my cataracts.

I am very pleased with the Miracle II products and I use them as much as I can every day. I’m now planning to start weekly baths. My family is also using them and my wife has started to use the drops in her eyes as well as brushing with the soap.

Thank you Miracle II for the opportunity to experience your products.​
Don Choiniere, TX

I am not in the habit of writing testimonials but am so impressed by the results I am seeing and experiencing from using the Miracle II Soap, the Miracle II Neutralizer, and the Miracle II Neutralizer Gel, that I feel I must make an exception.
Approximately 4 weeks ago, a good friend of mine in Jasper, Missouri, USA introduced me to Miracle II. I listened to the tape and watched the video and was astounded by the results other people were achieving

from these products. I just knew I had to try them. Why? My story is as follows:
For years I have been battling with ill health. This was made even more worrisome when I was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. I made a conscious decision that I would take the alternative route as my treatment and be open to trying any method that I felt could potentially “cure” me. Some of the methods I have tried were very, very expensive, most of them worked just a little but didn’t make any major or noticeable shift towards recovery of my health.

When my friend overnighted these products to me by FedEx, I started using them immediately. To my surprise, the first thing I noticed was my muscles releasing built-up tension. Approximately 3 days after I started using the Miracle II Soap, Gel, and Neutralizer, I noticed, much to my amazement that my skin started to heal. This skin condition, which I had had for years, was healing quickly too. I also noticed that I had mental clarity my vision was improving the rash or lesions I had were disappearing before my
eyes — and yes, I could finally breathe freely again. When I wake up in the morning, the heaviness I have always felt on the right side of my head is no longer there — I feel alive. I am indeed seeing improvements in my health each day.

Yesterday I met with a friend who I haven’t seen for a while. He greeted me by saying: James you look healthy. I have never been greeted like this before. Needless to say, those words meant a lot to me. And of course, I’ve started to share this “miracle” with friends and family. My decision is simple… to make a life-changing commitment to using these products each day and in
every area possible in my life. I would encourage everyone to give these “miraculous” products a try. You might just be happier for trying the Miracle I I products.

Because we are nothing without God, I would like to thank God for the gift of allowing me to find out about these life-changing products and to experience them firsthand. I would also like to thank Faith Dunn of Jasper, Missouri for calling me long distance and sharing these products with me. I would also like to thank the exceptionally helpful people from Lafayette Miracle II and finally, I would like to thank Clayton Tedeton for being blessed with the vision — and acting on it — and his willingness to bless us all
by sharing it with the world.

I will keep you informed of my progress.​
James Morrison, Canada

I am a big tea drinker and have found that 1 ounce of Neutralizer in a gallon of tea has made the tea taste more like tea. It gave it more flavor. We do the same with water, giving it a much better taste.

I have given up all those greasy makeup removers and baby oils in favor of the Miracle II soap. It removes all my makeup and leaves my face feeling clean and soft without all the scrubbing and mess. Shampoos and conditioners are all in the past also. Our hair is clean and soft after using the Soap and it stays cleaner longer.

We could go on and on about all the differences Miracle II has made. The Soap, Neutralizer, Skin Moisturizer, Neutralizer, and Laundry Ball are all fantastic! In the three weeks we have been using it, we have helped 45 other people discover the benefits of Miracle II and we are looking forward to doing a radio show in a nearby town soon. This has become a health ministry for us and we thank God every day for Stan and Phyllis introducing it to us.​

Raymond & Bonnie

Dear Mr. Tedeton,
My name is Dena Zapotoschny. I am a Licensed Aesthetician (Facial Specialist,) and as an aesthetician, I was taught not to “EVER” use soap because of the alkalinity and drying effect. Well, for years I have tried every product from the cheapest to the most expensive facial product. My skin was sun damaged, very dry and flaky, and no matter what product I tried, my skin was never able to hold the moisture in or clear up.​

Praise God, He then sent Miracle II to me. I have been using the soap now for about a month. I also use the Neutralizer, the Gel, and the Skin Moisturizer. Glory to God, my skin has never looked so soft and smooth. Everyone is asking me at work, “What is so different about your skin?” One time I was doing a facial at our spa with the owners’ products and the client complained of the
product burning and stinging her skin, so I applied Miracle II Neutralizer Gel and massaged it in. Sure enough, she told me that the stinging was gone and said, “This may sound strange but before you massaged that on my face, my sinuses were acting up and now it’s gone!” I praise the Lord for Miracle II and you for obeying God’s voice with this product.​

Almost everyone at my workplace has a Miracle II testimony.


The information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and it IS NOT meant to substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other medical professionals. Any claims concerning the effectiveness of Miracle 2 or Miracle II products are limited to the experiences of the person or group of people making such claims. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing medication. You should read carefully all product packaging. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your healthcare provider. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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