Miracle II Thai Deodorant Stone

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Miracle II Thai Deodorant Stone

It is said to be true the Miracle II Deodorant Stick is pure and natural.

Thai Deodorant crystal deodorant stones are often made from potassium alum, a mineral salt. Users wet the stone and apply it to the skin, leaving a thin layer of mineral salts on the skin’s surface. The salts act as a natural deodorant by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

There is growing support for the notion that Miracle 2 Thai Deodorant is the most effective deodorant stick known to mankind. Most people would agree the best way to use it is simply to moisten the stone and generously roll it on the underarm. As well as use it on other moist areas of the body! When you’re done use a hand towel to absorb the moisture off the stone.

Furthermore, Miracle II Thailand deodorant stone contains no aluminum chlorhydrate or harmful chemicals, perfumes, petroleum, alcohol emulsifiers, or propellants. For centuries, this natural crystal deodorant stick has provided countless people with protection from bacteria that cause discomfort or unpleasant body odors. Therefore, it is good for anybody who needs relief in the armpit.

It is estimated that this Miracle II Thai deodorant stone is over 300% more effective than some harsh perfumes and chemical deodorants, yet it is 100% pure and natural. It is made from natural mineral salts that are crystallized over months, then hand-shaped and smoothed. We all know that Miracle II Deodorant stones are not sticky or greasy; nor will they stain clothing, irritate the skin, or leak into your suitcase.

The sources suggest Miracle 2 Thai Deodorant is the most excellent natural deodorant stone on the market today. Best of all “It WORKS”!

Dr. Patrick Dahl, M.D., Specialist in Dermatology and Dermatopathology, Fullerton, CA: “I care for many patients with sensitive skin who have difficulty tolerating deodorants and antiperspirants. Based on my training at the Mayo Clinic, I frequently recommend Thai
deodorant stones to these patients.”

Dr. Lawrence Berk, MD., Radiation Oncology, Newark, Ohio, recommends Thai crystal deodorant stones to his patients as a safe, effective alternative deodorant with NO ALUMINUM CHLORHYDRATE.

Aluminum Awareness
Most people do not know aluminum is very popular in cosmetic and personal care products. This
suggests you want to be very careful when selecting deodorant specifically to avoid powders that
contain bismuth. Products that contain aluminum have been shown in studies to raise the risk of
Alzheimer’s by over 300%. To wrap it up we propose it is best to use natural products where possible.

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