28-400 Lotion Pump DP01

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DP01 lotion pump is exceptionally good for all Miracle II 22 oz bottles.


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The DP01 Lotion Pump is a specific type of pump designed for dispensing lotions, creams, or similar products. The notation “fits Miracle II 22 oz.” indicates that it is intended for use with Miracle 2 containers or bottles that have a 22-ounce capacity. Better yet, this pump/closure fits containers with a 28-400 neck finish. The first number (28) is the diameter of the container’s opening (in mm). The second number (400) refers to the thread/style/depth of the closure’s skirt. Dip tubes can be trimmed to fit smaller/shorter containers.

Item#: DP01​
Type: Pump​
Style: Lotion​
Neck: 28-400​
Head: SD-400 Locking Elite Head​
Color: White​
Dip Tube Length: 8.46”

Here’s a breakdown of the information:
1.DP01 Lotion Pump:
DP01: This is likely a model or product code associated with the lotion pump.
oLotion Pump: Indicates that it is specifically designed for dispensing lotion or similar cosmetic products.

2.Fits 22 oz.:
oFits: This implies that the pump is compatible with or suitable for use with containers that have a specific capacity or size.
o22 oz.: Refers to a 22-ounce Miracle II Soap, Liquid Neutralizer, Neutralizer Gel, and Moisturizing Lotion container. The lotion pump is designed to fit and dispense products from bottles or containers with a 28-400 neck finish.

Compatibility: Tailored to fit containers with a 22-ounce capacity with 28-400 neck finish. Don’t forget the drip tube length (8.46”) it is also a critical factor.

Common Uses:
Cosmetic Products: The DP01 Lotion Pump is likely used in the cosmetic and personal care industry for dispensing various lotions or skincare products.
22 oz. Bottles: Suited for use with bottles or containers specifically designed to hold 22 ounces of product.

Compatibility: Ensure that the lotion pump is compatible with the specific product you intend to dispense.
Container Size: Verify that the lotion pump fits the neck size and threading of the containers you wish to use, 22 oz may not always be the answer.

When using the DP01 Lotion Pump, it’s advisable to check with the product supplier or manufacturer for any specific usage instructions, compatibility details, and guidelines for installation. Understanding the capacity and dimensions of your container is important to ensure the lotion pump fits securely.

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 8 cm

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