38-400 1 Gallon Lotion Pump DP10

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This lotion pump is a perfect match for hand sanitizers, miracle soap gallon jugs, etc.

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Item# DP10 38-400 1 Gallon Lotion Pump – Plastic Bottle Pump Dispenser for Gallon Jugs

Type: 1/8 oz. Dispenser Pump
Style: Lotion
Neck: 38-400
Color: White
Dip Tube Length: 11.5″ (298 mm)

This one-gallon lotion pump closure fits a 38-400 bottleneck. The first number (38) is the container’s opening diameter. The second number (400) is the thread/style/depth of the closure skirt. 11.5″ dip tube can be trimmed for shorter containers.

One-gallon pump dispenser for gallon jugs and miscellaneous bottles. 1-gallon lotion pump top for hand sanitizer, gel, soap, and liquid.

1/8 oz lotion dispenser pump hand sanitizer pump.

Please call for volume discounts.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 12 cm

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