Adaptor-Cap Blue 20/410 CITRIC ACID or MMS 4oz Bottle

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  • 1-11 Adaptor Caps Blue $1.30 ea
  • 12 Adaptor Caps Blue $1.25 ea ($15.00)
  • 24 Adaptor Caps Blue $1.20 ea ($28.80)
  • 50 Adaptor Caps Blue $1.10 ea. ($55.00)

An “Adaptor-Cap Blue 20/410 CITRIC ACID or MMS 4oz Bottle” typically refers to a specific type of cap or closure designed for a 4-ounce bottle containing citric acid or MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement). The “20/410” in the description indicates the size and threading of the cap, which is a standard specification in the packaging industry.

Adaptor-Cap Blue:

This suggests that the cap is an adaptor type, and it is colored blue for easy identification.


The numbers “20/410” indicate the size of the cap and the type of threading it has. The first number (20) represents the outer diameter of the cap, and the second number (410) represents the threading style.


This indicates that the cap is suitable for bottles containing either citric acid or Miracle Mineral Supplement.

4oz Bottle:

The cap is designed to fit a 4-ounce bottle.

Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 cm

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