What is? MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement

MMS is a Stabilized Oxygen formulation that is a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite in distilled water. As soon as a measured amount of activator is added to MMS, Chlorine Dioxide is created. When ingested, produces a major boost to the immune system, killing virtually every known pathogen, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and yeasts.

MMS Miracle Solution is nothing more than a precise combination of Sodium Chlorite Flakes in distilled water. One more name for Sodium Chlorite Flakes is Sodium Chlorite Powder. When activated as it should be with (ordinary white vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice, or citric acid) MMS turns to Chlorine Dioxide. In moderate doses, this is a harmless substance similar to the chlorine that is in sea salt or table salt.

There is documentation of over 75,000 cases of Malaria being overcome in Africa – often in as little as 4 hours, the victim is tested clear of Malaria. It is now known that MMS can be used to address any disease condition that is directly or indirectly related to pathogens, including the symptoms of AIDS, Hepatitis A, B&C, Typhoid, most cancers, herpes, pneumonia, food poisoning, tuberculosis, asthma, colds, flu and a host of other conditions.

Even conditions not directly related to pathogens seem to be helped due to the huge boost to the body’s immune system, i.e., macular degeneration, allergies, lupus, inflammatory bowel disorders, diabetes, snake bites, and fibromyalgia.

Please note: MMS does not cure anything, but by eliminating the pathogens damaging the immune system, it allows the body to heal itself.

Although the FDA is steadfastly against the use of MMS, the supplement has continually won the hearts of many users. Despite FDA concerns users continue giving positive feedback in essence leads to increased popularity.

Disappointing as it is, we do not sell MMS due to recent and past FDA scrutiny even though our experience with MMS has been surreal and amazing. We sell MMS dispensing tools that speed up the dispensing and activation process.

A dropper syringe with an adapter cap greatly reduces the time it takes to count drops, mix, and activate the solution. Our MMS dispensing kit is more accurate in comparison to what you’d get dripping drops through a flip spout closure lid. We like it for measuring Citric Acid. Those who have experience doing this, rapidly realize how tedious it is to dispense drops from a dropper lid. The ratio we use is the one Jim Humble started with (1 MMS to 5 Citric Acid drops). For proper mixture please refer to Jim Humble’s book.

Please note the adapter cap and syringe could be used for both Critic Acid and MMS, but out of caution we recommend not to cross-contaminate. The Citric Acid is where you need the syringe the most. Cross-contamination can prematurely activate and use up leftover products in the container. Also, our adapter caps easily fit 5, 10, and 15 ml essential oil bottles. Having the adapter lid and syringe combination allows someone to withdraw 1 to 20 drops at a time.

This MMS book is available on the internet. It is called Breakthrough The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century 4th edition. It provides full instructions on how to make your own MMS and what supplies are needed. Miracle 2 of Utah (All Natural Solutions) is a supplier of Miracle Mineral Supplies (excluding Sodium Chlorite Powder or Flakes.

Proper Usage varies according to one’s health. MMS is given in drops, activated with citric acid or lemon juice, diluted with water, and consumed. It is very economical. More specific information and cautions can be found in Jim Humble’s book. Including how to make the solution yourself, should the ability to buy MMS be taken from the market.

If nausea or diarrhea is experienced, cut back the dosage. It means it is ridding your body of toxins. So really, it is a good sign, although uncomfortable. The book addresses various ways to handle the nausea, including cutting back on the next dosage. They also say that a healthy body will not get the nausea.

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