Gravity Feed Water Filter Spring Roll Field Bag

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Spring Roll portable filter! What is it?

The Spring-Roll portable filter is a water bag that can be filled and hung from a tree. Leave it in place to drip into a bucket so you always have the same high quality of filtered water wherever you go. Take it camping, hunting, or when bugging out in an emergency. Each bag uses two (2) filters. These are a different filter than those used in the buckets.

Spring Roll portable filter! What is it?

A Spring Roll contains two ceramic-activated carbon filters with pre-filter socks. They are carefully positioned inside a sturdy, water-proof, and food grade bag with an outlet for filtered water. All you do is fill the bag with unfiltered water, hang it somewhere to let gravity do the work, and convert it to potable water. No tablets, no pumps, or fancy equipment are required with our pristine filtering elements.

Its components are washable for increased longevity, filters are replaceable, and the whole unit is lightweight and easy to transport.

The Spring Roll can be a perfect solution in a situation where potable water is a real issue or just a minor concern. Campers and hikers love them and maybe you would just want one for emergencies. And some people use charcoal ceramic filters in their houses just to make chlorinated water taste better.



  • Use the threaded straps to hang the Spring Roll from a sturdy support structure such as a tree branch or well-anchored hook.
  • Through the top opening of the Spring Roll you can pour up to three gallons of unfiltered water.
  • The first time you use a Spring Roll flush it for five to ten minutes before drinking the water.
  • Once the filters are saturated and with consistent water pressure clean and safe drinking water will flow at a rate of approximately ten gallons per hour.
  • When not in use, make sure all Spring Roll components are clean before storage and allow them to dry completely to prevent mold and other pollutants from growing.



  • Unscrew the outflow nozzle from the bottom exterior of the Spring Roll.
  • Gently remove the filtering unit from the bag.
  • Remove the cylindrical plastic encasement from the dual filtering units.
  • Remove pre-filter socks and wash gently in soapy water. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Ceramic filter domes can be twisted off and rubbed clean with a lightly abrasive material such as fine sandpaper, a scotch pad, or a new dish sponge.
  • All plastic parts and the bag itself can be cleaned with a cloth and soapy water.
  • Rinse off, let it dry, and reassemble. This way your Spring Roll will be restored to as good as new!

Compacted Dimensions: 11″Length x 3″ Diameter when rolled up

Full Size: 14.5″ Wide x 19″ High x 3+” Deep

Dry Weight: 1 lb., 10 ounces

Contents: A Spring Roll comes with two removable filters, two pre-filtering socks, a protective casing, a hang-able roll-up bag with a strap, 30″ of vinyl tubing and a cap.


  • The washable pre-filter socks catch the largest particles and greatly extend the life of the encased ceramic filters.
  • The Ceramic filters are made of diatomaceous earth to prevent anything larger than 0.7 microns from penetrating the filter when it is new.
  • The ceramic contains silver, which is a natural bactericide.
  • The ceramic encases the high-grade Granular Activated Carbon. GAC has a vast pore structure that has enough surface area to adsorb numerous organic and inorganic compounds and impurities from contaminated water. Activated Carbon is very effective in eliminating unpleasant tastes, odors, and color.

A unique aspect of ceramic technology is that with use the pore sizes tend to reduce. This is due to the filtrates that build up and block portions of the ceramic wall. Pollutants tend to build up over time and shrink the pores that are already tiny and labyrinthine, to begin with. So with use, only the very smallest of particles will be able to penetrate the ceramic of the filter, thus making the water cleaner than when the filter is brand-new. Inevitably over time, this will reduce the flow rate and once again this is where sanding the ceramic surface prolongs the life of the filter.

It’s important to note our filters aren’t meant to remove viruses due to their extremely small size and are not capable of desalinization. They have not yet been tested for EPA standards, although they have been tested for bacterial removal and have consistently removed four logs (99.99%) of environmental and laboratory bacterial samples.

Bacteria such as E-coli and Protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia can be effectively removed. In an emergency or outdoor situation, microbiologicals are the most important contaminants to prepare against. Our products have been used for years in disaster situations and remote locations with no known reports of illness from water that has been filtered by them.

Winfield Industries and Pristine Filtration are unified in their efforts to make the very best-ever emergency water filtration systems.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 cm

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