Miracle II Pro Pack #1 (1-RS-22/1-MS-22/1-N-22/1-NG-8/1-L-8)

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Miracle II 5 PackSample Pack Starter Kit 

We have a bargain you can’t beat. An incredible sale for incredible people!!

Miracle II Pro Pack #1 – Get more for less!

Includes one each of the following Miracle II Products…

  • 1-RS-22 oz. > Regular Soap
  • 1-MS-22 oz. > Moisturizing Soap
  • 1-N-22 oz. > Neutralizer
  • 1-NG-8 oz. > Neutralizer Gel
  • 1-ML-8 oz. > Moisturizing Lotion

To begin with, let’s discuss what makes “Miracle II” so different. It seems to me you should know that Miracle II contains and holds spiritual eloptic energy beyond measure. This is why Miracle 2 products are of such good quality Clayton Tedeton unexpectedly saw the formula flash upon his bedroom wall. For the most part, I know it’s hard to believe but read Clayton’s story and see for you what I mean.

Furthermore, when you bathe in Miracle Soap and Neutralizer you may feel a charge come from the water. Yes, Miracle soaps and neutralizers are energized with eloptic energy which means they are put through an arc of electricity and a light source to give them a charge.

In addition to the spiritual energy, the Moisturizing Soap has oils to soften the skin whereas the regular Miracle Soap does not. The oils were added to aid people with dry skin, and either one of the soaps can be used for bathing; the one you use mostly depends on the aridness and sensitivity of your skin. The Moisturizer Soap has cold-pressed avocado, almond, olive, and coconut oils, as well as Vitamin E to help moisturize the skin.

Neutralizer Liquid and Neutralizer Gel both have labels that say they are mild sudsless soap and it may be true, but neither one has a noticeable soapy taste.

Regular Miracle Soap and or the Neutralizer both do a great job cleaning glass or glasses, some people like to spray their body, face, and plants with Neutralizer. One more thing men love to use the Gel for their hair while women like to spray the Neutralizer liquid on their hair in between washings and restyling.

Surely, we all know what to do with skin moisturizer? Some people like a mixture of Miracle 2 Gel and Miracle II Lotion to get a better skin cream combination. Meanwhile, some say the gel shrinks the skin while the lotion keeps it from drying out. To me, the Gel is soft and smooth even without the lotion. For dry cracked hands the lotion is better.

Follow this link. See for yourself what people like to do with these products.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 10 cm

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