Miracle II Skin Moisturizer (22 oz)

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Miracle II Skin Moisturizer – Hand Lotion 22 oz

We all know that hand lotions differ greatly in quality due to chemicals, additives, and preservatives. There is a growing concern about the idea that some skin creams are unhealthy for you while others are. Miracle II Skin Moisturizer is famous for its Cold-pressed oils, made with all-natural products, no chemicals, additives, preservatives, or perfumes.

For example, people experience remarkable benefits when they simply apply small amounts of Miracle 2 lotion on their skin. Unquestionably the results get better when the lotion is layered with little Miracle II Neutralizer Gel. The Gel smoothens and tightens the skin while lotion keeps it soft and moist. Most men and women appreciate the remarkable difference when they bathe in Miracle II Soap and apply a mixture of Gel and Lotion. The Gel is full of minerals while the lotion has fabulous oils and emollients to feed the body and leave skin baby soft and healthy.

Therefore, you cannot pamper yourself with a better product for this price. The lotion and or the Gel make a great aftershave conditioner for men since it is non-greasy. Moreover, the men who have used this product do not want to be without it. This product is not only a skin moisturizer, but it works synergistically with all the Miracle II products to produce even more remarkable results.

Ingredients: Eloptic Energized Stabilized Oxygenated Water – Cold Pressed Apricot – Almond and Coconut Oils – Vitamin E.

One more thing this Miracle II Skin Moisturizer is available in 3 popular sizes 8 oz., 22 oz., and a Gallon.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 10 cm

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