Miracle II 5 Pack (FREE SHIPPING)

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Miracle II Starter Pack Slash Sample Pack Includes 5 Miracle II Products:

∙1-RS-22 oz. > Regular Soap
∙1-MS-22 oz. > Moisturizing Soap
∙1-N-22 oz. > Neutralizer
∙1-NG-8 oz. > Neutralizer Gel
∙1-ML-8 oz. > Moisturizing Lotion

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Miracle II Sample Pack FREE SHIPPING Includes 5 Miracle II Products

To start with “Miracle II” was named after founder Clayton Tedeton’s second Miracle. He unwaveringly expressed his skincare products were divinely inspired. All in all, you can see that when you read Clayton Tedeton’s story.

When you use Miracle 2 Soap and Neutralizer the first time, you’ll likely feel a charge of energy. Furthermore, this indicates the soap and neutralizer had to pass through an arc of electricity or some light source to obtain its energy.

Now let us talk about what makes the Miracle Soaps so different, the Moisturizing Soap has oils in it to soften the skin whereas the regular Miracle Soap does not. The oils were added to aid people with dry skin nonetheless, either soap can be used for bathing. What soap you use should depend on whether you have dry or oiler skin. The Moist Soap has cold-pressed avocado, almond, olive, and coconut oils, as well as Vitamin E to help moisturize the skin.

A sensible idea would be to say Liquid Neutralizer and Moisturizing Soap, one ounce of each added to bath water makes a relaxing bubble bath. Stay in for about 1/2 hour and end with a quick shower to remove soap residue.

The first time I did this I walked out feeling very clean, so clean I thought the wind was blowing through my skin. As I did, you’ll also learn that some bars of soap contain animal fats that clog your pores! The negative charge found in the soap and neutralizer can help open pores and let the toxins out of your skin.

It seems to me that you should know the Miracle 2 Neutralizer and Gel label says they are mild sudsless soap. This is true to a point but neither one has a noticeable soapy taste, suds, or smell. Furthermore, the regular Miracle Soap and or the Neutralizer liquid both do a great job when it comes to cleaning glass or glasses; some people even like to spray their body, face, and plants with Neutralizer. Most men love to use the Gel as a hair jelly while women like to spray the Neutralizer liquid on their hair in between washings and restyling.

As far as I am concerned the Miracle 2 Gel is the best for sunburn an itch, a bite, a bump, or a bruise. No doubt it rubs on nicely and leaves your skin feeling smooth. Certainly, you know what to do with the skin moisturizer. Some people prefer a mixture of
Miracle 2 Gel and Lotion even though one or the other works just fine alone. In contrast, some say the gel shrinks the skin while the lotion keeps it from drying out. In my opinion, the Gel dries soft and smooth without any lotion.

Miracle II Soaps Defining Attributes:
Aside from being one of a kind, it is an odorless all-purpose cleaner and natural soap for men, women, kids, and babies. Moreover, it is a mild soap for dogs and a gentle soap for plants. It’s a great chemical-free body wash and a wonderful chemical-free shampoo. People think it is ideal for dry itchy skin while others say it makes a great glass cleaner. To make a long story short it can be used for anything water will clean up.

Weight -.01 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 10 cm

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