Sock a lock 30D – Blue, Pink & Yellow

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Sock Locking Rings 30 doubles – 10 ea. 3 colors – Blue, Pink & Yellow

Loc-a-soc holders keep your socks paired from the hamper to the laundry basket, the washer, the dryer, and even the dresser drawer.

The most mystifying aspect of doing laundry is finding, pairing, and organizing socks. So, how do we sort socks when we have several teenagers and a half dozen baby infant toddler feet and all the socks are of a different size or color?

My Mom once said: “The answer to no missing socks starts with the individual and ends where they are removed”. We all learned from her advice socks seldom ever get lost when Sock Locking Rings are used to hold them as one”.

That’s why we slide on our sock keepers, holders, savers, sock locks, clips, socks, or whatever you want to call them before we toss socks into the laundry.

It’s easy to do, just transfer the socklocs from the clean pair to the dirty pair and pitch them in the laundry. Simply push 1 thick sock or 2 thin socks through each ring, from the top or toe, and pull several inches.

What type of Sockkeeper works the best?

Double sock locking rings work best for thicker men’s and women’s socks and the single Sock Locking Rings work better for thinner adult socks, they also do well on children and infant socks.

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 cm

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