Sock Organizers, Sock Locking Clips, Sock Holders, Sock Sorters, Sock Rings, Loc-a-Sok, and Sock Keepers are all great gifts for stocking stuffers. Sock Locks keep socks organized and together so you won’t have mismatched or lost socks.

Lock a Soc sock locking clips can be washed with chlorine bleach and safely cycled in the dryer. Underwear sock dividers take up a lot of room especially when it’s an organizer storage box. Foldable closet sock drawer organizers don’t keep the socks matched while in the laundry like SOC locks do.

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Sock Locks - 60 Doubles - Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow & Pink

Original price was: $21.90.Current price is: $19.20.
Original price was: $21.90.Current price is: $19.20.



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