Genesis Steel Water Ionizer

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Huge price reduction for Genesis Steel through Nov 28, 2016! 

Genesis Steel water ionizers have the most advanced 350 watt SMPS electrical system plus a dual filter system with tourmaline that removes 99.99% of impurities from drinking water.

The Genesis Steel arrangement uses 9 powerful ionizing plates to create multiple ranges of pH that are suitable for all of your family’s drinking water and cleaning needs!

The Genesis manufacturer uses the latest and best technology to create micro-clustered alkaline drinking water which means you get more antioxidants than you would in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice!

Summarized Features:

·       Stainless Steel Face Plate

·       Micro-clustered alkaline water

·       Multiple ranges of pH and ORP

·       23% stronger –ORP than Genesis Platinum 9 Turbo

·       More healthy antioxidants

·       9 Plates for ionization

·       350 Watt SMPS Electrical System

·       Advanced dual filtration system that includes Tourmaline

Genesis Steel Power Board Sets the New Standard for Water Ionization


Completely NEW design – Genesis Steel brags about its 350 watt SMPS power board that produces ultra-clean electrical current. It enhances water ionization and runs more efficient than any other water ionizer power system. When you combine SMPS technology with HeeSung Metal Company’s highest rated water ionizer plates you get unmatched performance.

Furthermore, the MICOM system within the Genesis Steel automatically adjusts water ionization to any water source, so you get perfect ionized water every time, regardless of where you live.

Proper Filtration Really Matters

Genesis Steel is a dual system with a built in sediment filter to remove large and small contaminants.

Anti-fungal felt, granular activated carbon removes 99.99% of the chlorine, bacteria and other contaminants.

Calcium Sulfite enhances ionization and the tourmaline balls condition the water for better ionization.

Just as important, it has an ion exchange resin to remove fluoride, difficult heavy metals and chromium-6. (Like in the movie Erin Brokovich).

What really matters! It all adds up to be the best water filtration system that will protect you and your family from all the nasty stuff found in tap water. If you’re here looking for the best most powerful water ionizer, it’s the right place! We welcome your business.

Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 14 cm

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