H2OResQ Emergency Water Storage Treatment Kit (3-Part)


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 H20 RESQTM – H2ORESQ – H20 RESQ Water Treatment Drops

What if?

    • You NEVER had to rotate your water storage?
    • You could safely and quickly test your water with one small vial.
    • You could treat up to 300 gallons of water for up to 5 years for less than $43.



h2o 3 part

h2o 3 part

3 Part H2O ResQ Water Treatment Kit Includes:

  • 1) 2-ounce copper/silver ion solution – treats 330 gallons
  • 1) 5 ml ion test reagent – good for about 40 tests
  • 1) 12 Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets – Treat 660 gallons
  • 1) Instruction Pamphlet

H20 Res-Q water treatment drops copper/silver/mineral ions scientifically engineered to clean, balance, deodorize, inhibit, calcium, & scale buildup in water. Therefore, it is a highly effective long-term solution for maintaining, clean, pure, fresh-tasting water. For use in homes, RV’s, boats, & campers, bladders & tanks, tap water, rainwater, rivers, and lakes. This product was made in the USA with food-grade ingredients.

The first Bottle on the right is calcium hypochlorite tablets, which are recommended by FEMA and the Red Cross in Emergencies. This product when used alone can treat 275 gallons of water whether in a jug, a barrel, or a large storage tank.

The second H2OResQ bottle to the left contains a solution of Copper & Silver Ions, and this one bottle can treat up to 330 gallons. Copper is also essential to the Human body for optimum health.

In addition, either of these bottles can be used independently of one another and can treat up to 600 gallons. If they are used at the same time, they work synergistically together to combat many problems associated with contaminated water if you are not sure of the condition of the water that is being stored.


H2O ResQ - Emergency Water Storage Treatment Kit

The H2OResQ Copper & Silver Ion patented solution stays in suspension in the water to guard against any contamination that may occur after you have cleaned and filled your water containers from a reliable source. Studies have shown that both Copper and Silver Ions stay in solution for long periods, and have properties that prevent contamination. You don’t have to constantly change out your water each year.


H20ResQ - Copper Test ReagentThe third small bottle is a copper test Reagent. This is included for you to test your water before you drink. This test will give you peace of mind knowing your water is still protected and ready to use.

Moreover, all you do is take a small amount of water out of your container and fill the vial half full, add 3 drops of the test reagent, replace the lid on the vial, and shake. If the test water has a yellow to amber color, it is ready to use. If it is clear or cloudy, it has been contaminated since filling and needs to be treated again, as per the instructions enclosed in the box.

Endorsed by the Commander of Public Health Service (retired), and developed by Dr. Terry A. Ring, former Chairman and professor of the University of Utah’s Chemical Engineering Dept. No doubt this is one product you’ll want to have in your Emergency Preparedness supplies!

H2O ResQTM is the Water Care Treatment Plant in a Bottle Scientifically Formulated To Defend Against Biofilm Related Bacteria

H2O ResQTM Is a scientifically engineered and patented Copper-Silver ion solution, we’ve added other stabilizers and complexants to our copper, silver, ion technology to reverse-engineer a water treatment plant.

Although, Copper, Silver Ionization Technology is not recognized as a sanitizer it does have a vital role in controlling bacteria. To understand how it works you first need to know the real cause of bacterial contamination – biofilm. Studies have shown that copper-silver ionization is the most effective technology on the market today for the treatment of biofilm-related bacteria. It is intended for use by anyone seeking a simple, convenient, and effective long-term water treatment solution. Researchers have estimated that 60-80% of microbial infections in the body are caused by bacteria growing as a bio-film – as opposed to planktonic (free-floating) bacteria.

The operating principles of H2O ResQTM are cutting-edge technology compared to those applied by traditional agents. The traditional use of sanitizing agents has been employed to destroy bacteria in the water. However, various scientific studies have demonstrated that up to 99% of bacteria do not live in the water, they live in the bio-film (a living environment and culture medium for bacteria). Leaving only 1% of bacteria that live in the water. It is only these free-floating bacteria that are destroyed with traditional sanitizers such as chlorine, bromine, and bianquanides.

Bio-film can be identified as a slimy feeling substance that is created by bacteria that enter the water through many sources. In other words, the bacteria create a slime that attaches to any damp surface area, it gathers on the side walls of water storage tanks, spigots, seals, lids, plumbing, filter housings, and cartridges. Once the bacteria attach they form colonies, and the biofilm protects the bacteria.

With over a decade of research, engineering, testing, development, in-field use, and a patent assignment, H2O ResQTM is now available to the public as a point-of-use water treatment. H2O ResQTM was scientifically engineered for the prevention and reoccurring growth of biofilm in water.

What H2O ResQTM does; It incorporates multiple barrier processes for inhibiting the growth and regrowth of Biofilm, utilizing copper-silver ion technology. With an added Calcium Inhibitor, Iron, Rust Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor, and a pH Buffer, they work together synergistically to control the precipitation of calcium, iron, minerals, and scale where Biofilm bacteria breed, feed, form, and attach too.

While no system can guarantee 100% eradication of biofilm, H2O ResQTM offers the best line of proven defense with long-lasting results. Here are some additional reasons H2O ResQTM is superior to other products:

Copper and silver ions are not diminished by the temperature of water. This means that ion residuals will be consistent throughout the entire water storage area for much longer periods than conventional methods.

A published study has reported that copper-silver ions accumulate in biofilm. This may be the reason for the long-term residual effect.

H2O ResQTM For Storing and Maintaining ~ Pure, Fresh Water

* Simple to use
* Specially formulated for use in harvested rainwater containers, long-term storage water containers, and for use in emergency preparedness and disaster relief.
* Maintains pure, fresh tasting water

For use in tanks, jugs, quarts, gallons, drums, hydration packs, large water storage tanks, and rain harvesting tanks. For use in RVs, Boats, backpacks, Emergency Use, Humidifiers, and Water Filtering devices.

Just before drinking treated water, it’s not a bad idea to filter the water before you drink it. It will not only give better protection it will also make the water taste better.

One other thing we also have this 2-part H20 Resq water treatment without the Calcium Hypochlorite tablets.

Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 4 cm

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