Last Days TimeLine by James T Prout

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The book of Last Days Timeline. The primary purpose of this book “Last Days Timeline” is to demonstrate what the future holds according to scriptures alone precisely. NOT DREAMS, NOT VISIONS, and NOT EXTRACURRICULAR PROPHECIES.

What would happen if you knew the future?

What would change? Would you teach your children or grandchildren the same? What could you tell them that would make a difference in their lives? Would you invest the same? How would you prepare for the future differently, if you knew what would happen among the nations?

The “Last Days” Timeline Project is different in that it links all the prophets in our scriptures together to get a clear picture of the future.

This is not a series of random prophecies. NO

This project is to specifically link the scriptural prophetic passages in all of the Standard Works together if they are linkable to show a clear timeline of the future events of planet Earth.

From right now (today), through when Jesus Christ comes at the beginning of His Millennium.

The “Last Days” Timeline

  • The Exact Order of Events of the Last Days Leading Up to the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.
  • A “Scriptural TIMELINE” rather than a “Dreams and Visions Timeline”
  • How to Prepare Your Family for The Next Event in the Sequence. “Be Prepared.”
  • The Timeline Map that outlines the entire sequence of events in a visual fashion.
  • Discover Ezra’s Eagle and its relationship to Donald Trump and Mike Pence
  • Plus: The Lost Tribes of Israel, The Great and Abominable Church, The 4th Beast Kingdom of the Gentiles (The Scarlet Beast with 7 Heads and 10 Horns), The Stout Horn Antichrist…and lots more.
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