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Pick 4 gallons from a list of three Products.

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Miracle II Green Soap and Neutralizer

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Miracle II Green Soap – Miracle2 Pick 4 Gallon Special

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Limited time offer buy Miracle II bulk ship direct from the Miracle II factory. Recognizably, we have the best prices for Miracle 2 Green Soap, Moisturizing Soap, Miracle II Neutralizer liquid, pH Neutralizing Powder, Miracle 2 Neutralizer Gel, Moisturizing Lotion, Laundry Ball, and Deodorant stick.

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Pick 4 gallons from a list of three Miracle 2 Products…

Miracle Soap Gallon
Moisturizing Soap Gallon
Neutralizer Gallon

What makes Miracle Soap the best product out there?

It is apparent that Miracle Soap 2 is characteristic for its ability to wash a newborn baby, clean up an oil spill, and everything in between. In a nutshell, people use Miracle Soap for whatever cleaning project water won’t hurt.

We all know that Miracle II Green Soaps have a neutral pleasant smell. None flamboyant scent and smell is one great feature but it goes beyond that. People repeatedly buy Miracle 2 Soaps and Neutralizer gallons because the product tends to perform like the miracle, it originated from. In other words “Miracle II” is emblematic of where it came from. The ii/2 after MIRACLE is also symbolic of Clayton Tedton’s second miracle.

As you would expect from a natural soap Miracle II cleans without drying the skin, the Moisturizing Soap has just the right amount of nourishing oils and natural ingredients. Another feature is its balancing pH which is also a healthy one for the skin. Miracle 2 had to know too much of one cleaning agent could irritate the skin simply by washing away its protective layer. Could that be the reason why Clayton Tedeton said? “You’ll never see new and improved on a Miracle 2 bottle” because it was perfected before it was released to the public back in 1980.

Miracle II Green Soap Testimonials and Usage Instructions.

Dimensions 15 × 14 × 15 cm
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Miracle Soap Gallon, Moisturizing Soap Gallon, Neutralizer Gallon

Favorite product 2

Miracle Soap Gallon, Moisturizing Soap Gallon, Neutralizer Gallon

Favorite product 3

Miracle Soap Gallon, Moisturizing Soap Gallon, Neutralizer Gallon

Favorite product 4

Miracle Soap Gallon, Moisturizing Soap Gallon, Neutralizer Gallon

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