Miracle II Therapeutic Laundry Ball

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Miracle 2 Laundry Ball infused with Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer. Reduce Surface tension – Gently Clean Clothing

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Miracle II Therapeutic Laundry Ball

Therapeutic laundry balls are sometimes marketed as alternatives to traditional laundry detergents. They often claim to use various technologies or materials to help clean clothes without conventional detergents. Some laundry balls claim to release ions, activate water molecules, or use other mechanisms to aid in the cleaning process.

Be as it may, Miracle II washer balls are frequently called many different names. For example, some people use descriptive expressions like these, Miracle 2 Laundry Ball, Therapeutic Miracle II Laundry Ball, Laundry Washer Balls Miracle 2,  Laundry no Detergent, Eco-Friendly Laundry Balls, Crystal Clean Washer Balls, Wash Laundry with less Detergent or even a Laundry Ball instead of Detergent.

Laundry Balls Do They Work?

The premise for which it works is based on the energy that comes from the ball. The Miracle II Therapeutic Laundry Ball is energized electronically and impregnated with Miracle 2 Soap. Some assume the soap gradually leaves the ball when it does not seep into the clothing. A sensible idea would be to assume some people think a little soap is necessary, to each his own; a little less soap will always save money. If soap is a must for you we have two chemical-free soaps to choose from listed as follows…regular Miracle 2 Soap or low suds Miracle Soap.

How to feel the energy of a Miracle II washer ball?

Spin a Miracle II Laundry ball in the air and carefully catch it with the palm of your hand. As soon as the washer ball lands in your hand take notice there is something spinning around inside the ball. That movement is part of an energy transformation that admits negative ions to water. This exchange of energy lessens the surface tension, as a rule it allows water to penetrate clothing easily and clean better.

Will bleach cause harm to a Miracle II Laundry Ball? No

If you want whiter clothes “really white” toss in a washer ball, and add about a cup of vinegar with an ounce of green Miracle Soap.

What about Miracle 2 Laundry Balls  can they be used in all washing machines?

This statement “Not recommended for front loading washing machines, nor in hard water areas.” is a misrepresentation, an opinion, or an individual’s belief about Miracle II Laundry Balls.  According to the Miracle II LLC Manufacturer, this Laundry Ball is good for all types of water and laundry washing machines.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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