PRI-D-32 oz. (2 Pack) Diesel Fuel Stabilizer

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(PRI) Power Research Inc 2 PRI-D 32 oz bottles at a discount. Are diesel fuel additives necessary? The experts say “YES” proper fuel treatment is necessary to maintain clean fuel and suitable lubrication.

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PRI-D 32 oz. 2 Pack PRI D Fuel Treatment – Diesel Fuel Stabilizer Kerosene Fuel Treatment

PRI CP112 D Diesel Treatment – 32 oz. 793750000160

PRI D is a highly concentrated complete fuel treatment designed to stabilize and improve diesel fuel and kerosene. PRI-D can be used as a substitute for PRI-G gas fuel treatment, but the reverse is not recommended.

Is diesel additive necessary?

Diesel fuel lubricity tests show additives are necessary for the ULSD fuel delivery system to work well.

Do diesel fuel additives work?

ULSD fuel is currently the mandate for all on-road diesel engines. This type of fuel burns cleaner with fewer pollutants compared to its predecessor “Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel.  ULSD fuel contains way less sulfur than Low-sulfur fuel.

The meticulous refinery of sulfur fuel inadvertently strips the fuel of its lubricating properties. Lubrication is vitally necessary for diesel fuel components; it prevents premature wear in the fuel delivery system. It lubricates high-pressure pumps and injectors.

The conventional low-sulfur diesel fuel naturally contained enough lubricity to suffice the need for these vital components.  The current ULSD fuel, on the other hand, is considered to be very “dry” lacking sufficient lubricity.

Therefore, fuel components are at risk of premature catastrophic failure when ULSD fuel is introduced to the system. Accordingly, all oil companies that produce ULSD fuel must replace the lost lubricity with additives.

Consequently, it may be prudent to use an aftermarket PRI-D diesel fuel additive to ENSURE adequate lubrication and sufficient combustion.

The refinery-grade lubricity additive package of PRI-D fuel treatment is the most effective and safest available today based on extensive oil industry research, field performance experience, and HFRR lubricity testing. Fuel pump wear is reduced by as much as 45 percent with ULSD fuels. Costly and unsafe catastrophic pump failures are avoided.

PRI-D 32 oz. fuel treatment not only prevents fuel degradation in long-term storage but degraded fuels are restored to refinery freshness. PRI-D is especially effective in providing the enhanced thermal stability that modern hydro-treated distillate fuels lack. PRI-D capability is repeatedly confirmed in independently conducted ASTM D2274 testing. Read more about PRI-D Fuel Stabilizer

PRI-D contains no potentially damaging cetane improvement additives or harsh solvent chemistries. No fuel specifications are changed, therefore PRI-D meets all major engine manufacturer fuel specifications, and warranties are not voided.

Use PRI-D 2 Pack 32 oz. today get the best engine performance and the most out of your diesel fuel.

PRI D Gallon

For barrels or larger containers please contact us.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 10 cm

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