PRI-D-Gal (Treats 2000 gallons of Diesel)

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PRI-D gal treats 2000 gallons of Diesel or Kerosene

Power Research Inc.’s diesel treatment is designed for lubricity & Stability it is a refinery grade for best performance.

PRI D  is for standard, ULSD & 0.1% SULFER MGO fuels.

PRI-D is a super concentrated, complete diesel fuel treatment for refiners, suppliers, and commercial diesel consumers that improves all standard distillate grades and is specially formulated to overcome the degraded lubricity and thermal stability characteristics of severely hydrotreated 0.1% MGO marine fuels and ultra-low sulfur (ULSD) diesel fuels.

First, the refinery-grade lubricity additive package of PRI-D provides a maximum level of effective lubricity protection at the 1:2000 dose rate for all fuel delivery systems.

SecondPRI-D Gallon is formulated with PRI’s exclusive thermal stability technology, essential to improving the performance of modern, hydro-treated distillate fuels.

PRI-D Gal – Do diesel fuel additives work?

PRI-D reacts with fuel upon contact, providing greatly enhanced fuel lubricity and deposit and emissions control benefits demanded by today’s engines. The laboratory and field-proven benefits are multiple.

  • Fuel injection pump wear is reduced by as much as 45 percent
  • Fuel pump plunger sticking is avoided
  • Engines and GTs perform better and last longer
  • Carbon and fuel system deposits are prevented
  • Fuel stays fresh, ignition quality is improved. Degraded fuels are restored
  • Visible smoke opacity and soot fouling are dramatically diminished

Improved Performance, Maintenance, and Emissions Reductions – CARB/EPA testing verifies PRI-D capability to improve the combustion process for optimum, long-term engine performance and efficiency. In test after test,

PRI D is verified to reduce unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM), and oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

Maximum Lubricity Protection – The refinery-grade lubricity additive package of PRI-D is the most effective and safest available today based on extensive oil industry research, field performance experience, and HFRR testing. Fuel pump wear is reduced by as much as 45 percent. Costly and unsafe catastrophic pump failures are avoided.

Keeps Fuels At Peak Stability – PRI-D Gallon not only prevents fuel degradation in long-term storage but degraded fuels are restored to refinery freshness. PRI D is especially effective in providing the enhanced thermal stability that modern hydrotreated distillate fuels lack. PRI D capability is repeatedly confirmed in independently conducted ASTM D2274 testing.

Super Concentrated & Safe – PRI-D is super concentrated and cost-effective, treating fuel at a 1:2,000 ratio (500 ppm). PRI-D contains no potentially damaging cetane improvement additives or harsh solvent chemistries, meeting all major engine manufacturer fuel specifications.

Dosage Rate:

PRI-D Gallon is dosed at the rate of 1:2000 (500ppm), regardless of fuel specifications under ASTM D975. The fixed dosage rate was developed in consideration of the fact that diesel fuel characteristics can be widely variable, and those quality standards, as proscribed under ASTM D975 do not completely account for all deficiencies associated with fuel performance.

Hence, optimal protection for fuels deficient in lubricity and thermal stability characteristics is ensured at the 1:2000 dosage rate.

Dosage Method:

Power Research Inc. recommends dosing  PRI D at the main bunker manifold using a safe and easily operated air-driven gear pump arrangement. However, PRI-D is highly miscible with diesel fuel and may also be added directly to tanks no greater than 20 minutes before fuel addition. Agitation from fuel flow into the tank typically provides a sufficient mixture.

Quality control:

PRI D is manufactured by strict, chemical manufacturing standards. Each blend is numbered, and a retained sample is FTIR tested against a laboratory standard to ensure optimal conformance.


PRI-D is a highly complex blend of organic chemistries when blended with diesel fuel will not stratify or separate, even with fuel purification. Purification systems remain cleaner and more efficient when processing PRI-D-treated fuels.

Bulk PRI-D 6-gallon case lot sale.

For volume discounts and larger containers please contact us.

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 12 cm

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