PRI-D Diesel Kerosene Treatment Fuel Stabilizer (Treats 2,000 gallons)

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Best Diesel Fuel Additive. Best Diesel Fuel Conditioner, Best Marine Fuel Stabilizer for Stored Fuel. Best Stabilizer for Boat Winter Storage. The Best Fuel Winter Stabilizer. Best Heavy Equipment Fuel Stabilizer for Diesel.

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Industrial Grade Diesel Fuel Treatment and Kerosene Fuel Saver

1 Gallon treats up to 2, 000 gallons.

The Super Concentrated Complete DIESEL Fuel Treatment can be used as a substitute for gasoline fuel treatment, but the reverse is not recommended.

PRI-D 32 oz. Treats as many as 512 gallons of Diesel or Kerosene


PRI-D is an ideal fuel stabilizer for Diesel Trucks, Diesel Motor Homes, Diesel Generators, etc.

PRI-D is a super concentrated, complete fuel treatment that improves all diesel fuels, including ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), providing maximum fuel performance. PRI-D’s industrial strength and enhanced thermal stability chemistry react with fuel upon contact, providing multiple benefits:

  • Engines perform better and last longer
  • Fuel lubricity is enhanced for reduced wear
  • Power is increased and fuel economy realized
  • Fuel stays fresh and ready to use
  • Degraded fuels are restored to freshness
  • Tanks and fuel lines remain free of slime and sludge
  • Smoke opacity is dramatically reduced

For volume discounts and larger containers please contact us.

Maximum Lubricity Protection – The refinery-grade lubricity additive package of PRI-D is the most effective and safest available today based on extensive oil industry research, field performance experience, and HFRR lubricity testing. Fuel pump wear is reduced by as much as 45 percent with ULSD fuels. Costly and unsafe catastrophic pump failures are avoided.

Improved Engine Performance – PRI-D works chemically within diesel fuel to improve the combustion process. Improved combustion means improved engine performance. Realize increased power from your engine and greater fuel economy. PRI-D is also extremely effective at reducing harmful emissions and visible smoke. PRI-D performance has been verified in the EPA heavy-duty diesel test protocol.

Reduced Maintenance Costs – PRI-D is a highly effective preventative maintenance tool. The proprietary, refinery-grade chemistry of PRI-D is unsurpassed at preventing carbon deposits and fuel system fouling. Your engine will remain cleaner and last longer. In addition, the tank slime and sludge that diesel fuel users commonly encounter are eliminated!

Keeps Fuels At Peak Stability – PRI-D not only prevents fuel degradation in long-term storage but degraded fuels are restored to refinery freshness. PRI-D is especially effective in providing the enhanced thermal stability that modern hydro-treated distillate fuels lack. PRI-D capability is repeatedly confirmed in independently conducted ASTM D2274 testing.

Super Concentrated – PRI-D is super concentrated, with a dosage rate of 1:2,000. This means PRI-D is extremely cost-effective to use. Get the most out of your diesel fuel for only pennies a gallon. PRI-D also has a shelf life of three years.

Safe To Use – PRI-D contains no potentially damaging cetane improvement additives or harsh solvent chemistries. No fuel specifications are changed, therefore PRI-D meets all major engine manufacturer fuel specifications, and warranties are not voided Use PRI-D today to get the most out of your diesel fuel and your engine.

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 12 cm

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