M2 Soap 22 oz – Low Suds Miracle II Soap

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Energized stabilized oxygenated water – Dehydrabiethylanmine (a substitution for the name of proprietary ingredient) – Ash of Dedecly solution – Calcium – Potassium – Magnesium.

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Low Suds M2 Soap 22 oz.

Non-Foaming Miracle 2 Soap is mostly for cleaning wherever soap suds and foaming action are undesirable.

It is said that Miracle II Soap is a cleaning agent, de-greaser, and deodorizer all integrated into one product!

As far as we are concerned Miracle II Regular Soap cleans everything, like your home, laundry, face & skin, your car, and a whole lot more – including your windows and glasses. Truthfully it is a natural product from the dust of the earth, minus the drawback of harsh chemicals often found in other soaps and detergents.

Low Suds regular soap gallon

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 cm

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