Miracle II Moisturizing Soap Gallon

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Miracle II Moisturizing Soap Gallon

Miracle II Moisturizing Soap is more or less Regular Miracle Soap with additional moisturizing ingredients. Miracle Soap is the only natural body cleanser that can adequately clean the entire sweaty, waxy residue from the pores, face, and scalp. When the body functions like God made it, it will detoxify itself.

Miracle II Moisturizing Soap is pretty much a blend of three Miracle II Products, namely Miracle SoapNeutralizer, and Skin Moisturizer. The Miracle 2 Moisturizing Soap is the perfect foundation for any skin and hair regimen. Miracle2 Moisturizing Soap gently cleans impurities and toxins from the skin and hair. This moisturizing soap contains no synthetic oils, animal fats, or preservatives that so often clog the pores. Neither does it have any deep-acting surfactants that are likely to strip the skin and hair of its beneficial natural oils.

In fact, it says on the bottle to “shake well before using” this is one way to mix the oil and soap together. Another way to keep the oils from dispensing off the top is to use an 8 oz. bullet bottle with a lotion pump.  If you forget to shake the bottle the pump will draw off the bottom and not remove the oils from the top.

Moisturizing Soap is commonly used for bathing and washing the hair also great for people with normal to dry skin. Some people prefer regular Miracle Soap because they can bath with it or use it for whatever they want. Since both Miracle II Soaps are concentrated there’s no need to apply oodles of Miracle Soap and waste it.

Miracle II Moisturizing Soap 

With a Loofah bath sponge and a few drops of Miracle Soap you can scrub your whole body nicely in a couple minutes. In fact, a body Luffa Scrubber retains the soap and helps you to lather up easily, without it you waste soap.

How to do a detox bath with Moisturizing Soap?

Add an 1 oz. of Moisturizer Soap and Neutralizer Liquid  to a tub of bath water, then soak for at least ½ hr. or more. While you’re in there use a drop or two of Soap to scrub your hair. Before you get out be sure to shower off the entire soapy residue. After you get out, notice how clean you feel, the watercolor says a lot about how well it detoxified your body.

Uses for Miracle II Moisturizing Soap

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 cm

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