PRI G 32 oz. (2 Pack) Gasoline Fuel Additive for Storage

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PRI G 32 oz – Two Pack Special


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PRI-G 32 oz. Fuel Stabilizer Gasoline Additive (2-Pack 32 oz.) 

What is PRI G? PRIG is a gas stabilizer fuel additive that makes gasoline resistant to change.

What does a fuel stabilizer do to gas? PRI-G fuel stabilizers keep fuel fresh and restore bad fuel.

What is a fuel stabilizer? A fuel stabilizer is a compound that maintains the chemical properties of the fuel.

How to use a fuel stabilizer? PRI G is added to gas-powered engines, storage tanks, automobiles, and small engines as per the manufacturer’s usage instructions.

PRI G 32 oz. – Instructions say to add 1 oz. of PRI-G fuel stabilizer to 16 gallons of gas.

When should I use a fuel stabilizer?

Use PRI-G Fuel Stabilizer in any gasoline-powered vehicle or equipment that is stored for 30 days or longer. Fuel stabilizers keep fuel fresh eliminating the need to drain your tank.

Fuel freshness is relevant to initial fuel quality. PRI G will keep fuel fresh for at least a full year after initial treatment.

PRI-treated fuels can stay fresh for many years with periodic treatments. Periodic re-treatment is recommended every 9-10 months.

One key factor affecting gasoline stability is heat. When gas tanks are repeatedly exposed to warmer temperatures, gasoline degradation accelerates.

Gasoline can go bad in as little as a few weeks in the heat of the summer. The results can be devastating for engines and fuel systems, resulting in:

• Start-up Failures
• Fuel system damage or filter blockage
• Gum and varnish build-up in tanks and filters
• Excessive carbon deposits on engine components
• Engine damage or component failure

When to use a fuel stabilizer greatly depends on fuel quality and the length of time you want fuel to last.

PRI’s research staff developed a series of very powerful stability chemistries that incorporated PRI-G to prevent fuel degradation for all gasoline blends, including E-10 blends with ethanol.

Additionally, PRI-G was formulated to reverse the effects of severe degradation, restoring degraded gasoline to a usable condition.

These capabilities were proven, time and time again, in standard ASTM 525 laboratory testing for oxidation stability. In these tests, the gasoline was heated to 212° F. in a pressurized chamber with an atmosphere of pure oxygen.

When the pressure drops, this means that the gasoline has absorbed oxygen and oxidized. The time it takes to oxidize the gasoline is recorded.

Each minute that goes by without the pressure drop represents one day of fuel life. Hence, with the minimum industry standard of 240 minutes – gasoline can be expected to remain stable for 240 days under normal storage conditions.

Yet PRI-G-treated gasoline extends the test time to more than 12 hours – extending freshness to two years and more!
The minimum industry standard is 240 minutes PRI treated fuel raised the induction period oxidation stability test to 720 minutes.

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