PRI-G 8 oz. (2 Pack) Small Engine Ethanol Gasoline Stabilizer


The best fuel stabilizer for small engines, yard tools, and lawnmowers. Perfect size for 20 gallons of fuel or less.

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PRI-G 8 oz.  (2 Pack) Gasoline Treatment for Small Engines

One 8 oz. bottle treats up to 2o gallons – wonderful size for small amounts of fuel.

PRI-G Small Engine Gasoline Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer offers professional-grade protection against fuel degradation.

Is your LAWN MOWER – TILLER – WEED EATER or EDGER ready for winter storage?

PRI-G is an excellent additive for winterizing our motorized friends’ “small engines” and yard tools. What can be done to keep the fuel fresh in the lawn mower, tiller, weed eater, chain saw, or any other gas-powered yard tool? Adding the appropriate mixture of PRI-G fuel stabilizer concentrate keeps the fuel fresh and stable for the initial SPRING TIME start-up. Rotten fuel tends to trick people into thinking their motor needs another tune-up when all that is needed is a smart winterization – a squirt of PRI fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel fresh. Fuel deterioration is the leading cause of dysfunctional fuel injectors, carburetors, and fuel filters; therefore it is the leading cause of blocked ports and sticky mechanisms.

Formulated specifically for small two and four-stroke gasoline engines, PRI-G also prevents power-robbing carbon deposits. Your engine stays clean, running at maximum efficiency with optimum fuel economy. PRI-G is your insurance against costly repairs and premature engine component failures.

Simply add one ounce of PRI-G for every 2.5 gallons of fuel or one-half ounce for every 4.7 liters of fuel at every fueling. Best yet, unlike common “dispersant” type stabilizers, PRI-G has an indefinite shelf life when sealed and is fully guaranteed to stabilize any gasoline at any time. Independent laboratory tests prove PRI-G is more effective than any gasoline stability additive available today. PRI-G may be used at double strength to restore old, stale gasoline when mixed thoroughly with the fuel.

PRI-G in the 8-ounce size

PRI-G in an 8 oz. bottle for treating smaller engines – it’s not only for smaller engines… it should be called “PRI-G for treating small amounts of fuel”. This size bottle treats up to 20 gallons of gas and can be used in lawn and yard equipment, snowmobiles, automobiles, generators, etc. It makes life a lot easier for someone who wants to treat a smaller amount of gas a one time say, a gallon or two, up to 20 gallons at a time. This size bottle is also great for someone who wants to try before buying a larger quantity, a sample or test size bottle you might say.

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

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