PRI G 16 oz. (Treats 256 gallons) The Best Fuel Additives for Gasoline

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PRI G 16 oz – Pint Size Gasoline Fuel Treatment – Gas, Ethanol, E10 Fuel Stabilizer

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PRI G 16 oz.

1 oz. of PRI Fuel Stabilizer treats 16 Gallons of E10 and all grades of gasoline and ethanol fuel.

PRIG is the ultimate complete gasoline fuel treatment. This powerful fuel additive addresses most fuel problems. The best fuel additive helps you GET MORE FROM YOUR FUEL!

PRI G works during engine operation to improve performance and increase gas mileage. PRI also preserves the fuel in a storage tank, keeping the fuel refinery fresh!


Gasoline tends to form harmful deposits of carbon, sludge, and varnish. Fuel degrades while gas sits idle harmful deposits occur even when the engine is in use. Hence, those deposits lead to clogged fuel injectors, fouled carburetors, sticky valves, and excessive engine wear and tear. Other problems include pinging, poor fuel economy, and increased emissions. PRI’s fuel additives provide effective solutions for all fuel problems, they even enhance new fuels.

PRI-G 8 oz. small engine gas treatment treats 20 gallons.

PRI-G Pint 16 oz. treats 256 gallons.

PRI-G quart 32 oz. treats 512 gallons of fuel.

PRI-G gallon treats 2000 gallons fuel.

Why should you use PRI-G?

PRI G reacts with gasoline upon contact and delivers its benefits immediately. During combustion, PRI-G works to promote a more complete burn of fuel. Therefore, this improved combustion reduces deposits of carbon and other harmful matter.

Engine components remain cleaner, including injectors, valves, carburetors, and piston crowns. Emissions are reduced, and fuel economy is realized. PRI-G is also highly effective at reducing pinging. With PRI-G, engine life is extended. Also, PRI G will keep fuel in your tank refinery fresh for up to a year.

When should I use Fuel Stabilizer PRI G?

You can use PRI-G with every fill-up to help solve fuel-related problems and to keep the engine like new. Power Research Inc. also recommends you use PRI G in your last fill-up of the season especially when a vehicle sits unused. This keeps the fuel in your tank fresh and ready to use for up to one year!

PRI products have a satisfaction guarantee when used as directed. Power Research manufacturer liability is limited to replacement of product or refund of product purchase price. A refund is applicable upon return of the unused portion with proof of purchase. Shipping charges are non-refundable.


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