Rad D-Tox Radiation Neutralizing Remedy


Rad D-Tox Radiation Neutralizing Remedy


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RAD D-TOX LIQUID MANNA – Radiation Neutralizing Remedy

Rad Detox is a scalar energy-charged formula that supports the removal of harmful internal radioactive contamination.

Fred Neal designed this Rad D-Tox Scalar Radiation Neutralizer Remedy after the Fukushima disaster to protect his family later whenever radiation is present.

His scalar energy-charged ORMES formula supports the elimination of harmful internal radio-contamination. Continued testing showed the need for maintenance doses. Liquid Manna recommends taking 10-12 drops under the tongue for 10 – 14 days. After that, once a month take a maintenance dose of 7–10 drops under the tongue for 5–7 days. Thereafter, the duration of use depends on exposure levels, your environment, and other factors such as flying, X-rays, or C.A.T. scans.

Rad-D-Tox is a formula of superior scalar energy, hyper-extreme oxygen-saturated spring water. Rad D-Tox supports tissue regeneration by way of beneficial scalar energy frequencies. Rad Detox also holds the anti-frequencies of ionizing nuclear radiation often found in nuclear fallout and smog, as well as frequencies to support protection from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (such as wireless technologies), combined with the frequency of monatomic iodine.

Rad-D-Tox is a derivative of Tesla technology that charges and structures monatomic (ORMES) minerals found in natural spring water. With scalar energy (aka zero point energy) of certain frequencies that alter the atomic structure of the minerals, making them emit scalar waves with frequencies that interfere with radioactive elements.

Rad D-Tox was selectively used in a 25-person study and a follow-on Japan-Hawaii study in which 100% of all subjects who took Rad Detox regimen have remained successfully zeroed out of internal radio contamination for more than one year now from Fukushima. Ongoing follow-up testing has indicated a need for maintenance doses once a month.


Scalar energy charged ORMES spring water with frequencies to support the removal of harmful radiation and protection from electromagnetic fields.


10-12 drops per day under the tongue for 10–14 days; then a maintenance dose of 7-10 drops for 5-7 days is recommended.

Storage Recommendation:

Rad D Tox stores well at room temperature, no refrigeration is necessary.

Radiation Neutralizing Remedy – Liquid Manna®

This is Fred’s Scalar Radiation Neutralizing Remedy that he designed to protect his family since the Fukushima disaster. Tests thus far have shown that it has kept us free from the following:

Radiation General Designed for protection against 17 key elements and also

Radiation Fallout (microwave, dental x-rays). Includes: Promoline Iodine and Potassium Iodide

Barium (radioactive) Suggested use: 10 drops per day, under the tongue for 3 weeks.

Cesium 132, 134, 137

Cobalt (1). (2), (3), (4) Possible Maintenance: Every 2 months thereafter 10 drops per day under the tongue for a week.

Gamma A Bomb (1), (2) However, ongoing test show that the original 21-day procedure has been effective

Iodine (radioactive) for a year. Tests are ongoing.

Plutonium (1), (2)

Strontium 90 (1), (2)

Multiple Strengths of Liquid Oxygenated Manna Water is also available here. Royal, RegalR+105Pearl Manna

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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