Scout 2.5” Filter 1.2L/min Hydration System

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Backpack in Line Water Bladder Filter – HYD 040-2.5 Hydration Back Pack Filter

Scout 2.5” Filter 1.2L/min Hydration System

Item# HYD 040-2.5

Rapid Pure Scout Model Filter for Inline Hydration Back Pack – the technology in RapidPure filter media is better than 2 microns, 1 micron; it is even better than 0.1 micron absolute pore size filters. In fact, it is essentially a 0 micron filter – beating all others on the market. How can it be? A zero-micron filter would not even pass water. How does it work? We feel that this is simply the best available technology today.

What is the benefit of using a RapidPure filter?

Rapid Pure filters deliver very high-quality drinking water.

What is the downside to the user?

High-quality filtration reduces filter element life.

The decision that the user must make is – what’s most important?

Water quality or filter life?

Staying healthy with high-quality filtration or having more money in your pocket?

Stated another way, either you have a RapidPure filter or you become the filter.

RapidPure filters are designed to filter all types of water with excellent removal of…

• Virus

• Ortho-phosphate

• Bacteria

• PCB’s

• Cyst


• Humic Acid

• Penicillin


• Flumenquine

• Chlorine


• Iodine

• Polysaccharides

• Lead 8.5 ph

RapidPure also has good removal of…

• Arsenic III 6.5 ph

• Arsenic III 8.5 ph

• Arsenic V 6.5 ph

• Ferrous iron

• Lead 6.5 ph

• Soluble silica

• Trihalomethanes (THM)


Scout Hydration Filtration System Instructions for Use

How to Install a RapidPure Scout Filter on my Hydration Pack?

1.     Locate the best place in the tubing to install the Scout filter and make sure the filter is installed where the tubing will not be pinched.

2.     Cut the hydration line at a desired location usually near the mouthpiece.

3.     Insert the Scout filter barbed ends into the hydration pack hose with the arrow pointing toward the mouthpiece.

4.     Double-check the tubing to be sure it’s securely attached to the filter fittings.

5.     Scout filter with Hydration pack is now ready to be used.

How to replace a Scout Filter Element?

1.     Remove the Scout top cap by turning it counter-clockwise 3/8” then pull the top cap up and out of the Scout filter body housing.

2.     Pull the filter element out of the Scout body housing.

3.     Be careful not to puncture, slice, or crush the filter element.

4.     Put the replacement filter in Scout housing making sure both o-rings fully seat into the discharge ports.

5.     Make sure key tabs and slots lock shut.

6.     Insert the top cap and rotate clockwise 3/8” until the tabs are fully seated in the groove of the Scout body housing.

7.     Make sure the Scout top cap o-ring is not pinched or bunched up, if this occurs remove the Scout top cap and top cap ¼ turn to a new location on housing, and reinstall.

8.     If the Scout top cap o-ring still pinches or bunches up apply a bit of petroleum jelly to the Scout top cap o-ring and reinstall the Scout top cap as directed above.

9.      The Scout filter Hydration pack is now ready to be used.

Weight .55 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 cm

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