PRI-G Small Engine Gas Ethanol Stabilizer 16 oz. (2 Pack)

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PRI-G 16 oz (2 pint special) Fuel additive, Conditioner and Stabilizer


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PRI-G Small Engine Gas & Ethanol Stabilizer (16 oz.)

One PRI G 16 oz. treats 256 gallons of Gas or Ethanol fuel.

Designated for Gasoline Ethanol Treatment and Fuel Stabilization

  • PRI-G designated for Gasoline/Ethanol treatment and fuel stabilization – small engines are also included. (PRI-G cannot be used in place of PRI-D for Diesel treatment)
  • PRI-D designated for Diesel and Kerosene treatment and stabilization. – (PRI-D can also be used for gasoline treatment in place of the PRI-G)

Emergency power is a critical lifeline when a disaster strikes. Experience shows when a disaster strikes fuel stored for an emergency has often been neglected and left to deteriorate allowing it to become unusable for an emergency. The use of such fuel when called upon during a disaster or an emergency has the potential to disable engine components plugging filters, carburetors, and injectors, and in some cases, the fuel deteriorates so much the fuel will not ignite.

The neglect to treat fuel for long and perhaps shorter-term storage is one of our weakest links in disaster preparedness. It is estimated that more than one-half of the power generator failures that occur can be directly related to fuel degradation. This also applies to infrequently used vehicles and small engines.

Stored fuel can be preserved and insured against deterioration and failure to perform by simply applying a small amount of PRI-D or PRI-G at the time of storage. Implicating the proper use of PRI fuel treatment will help the fuel remain fresh and stable. This freshness will hold for months if not indefinitely when the fuel is periodically re-treated with industrial-grade PRI fuel treatment.

Power Research Inc. is the industry leader in preserving fuel and its integrity for emergency power systems. PRI-D and PRI-G have widespread track records for operations of data facilities, hospitals, office buildings, fire departments, radio and television stations, cell phone sites, standby generators at nuclear power plants, and even home storage for small engines such as lawnmowers, tillers, weed eaters, chain saws, etc.

PRI-G Industrial Grade Gasoline/Ethanol Treatment

For E-10 and All Gasoline Grades (cannot be used as a substitute for diesel treatment)


PRI-G is a super concentrated, complete fuel treatment that improves any type of gasoline, including the latest E-10 blends, enabling them to perform to maximum potential. PRI-G’s industrial strength and enhanced thermal stability chemistry react with fuel upon contact and provide multiple benefits:

  • Engines perform better and last longer
  • Engine power increased and fuel economy realized
  • Fuel system and engine deposits prevented
  • Phase separation inhibited for E-10
  • Fuel stays fresh and ready to use
  • Degraded fuel is restored to freshness
  • Hesitation, knocking, and pinging reduced

Read what Survivalist Magazine has to say about PRI-G and PRI-D in this pdf of the magazine article:
PRI-G/PRI-D in the Survivalist Magazine 2013

Improved Engine Performance – PRI-G works chemically within gasoline to improve the combustion process. Improved combustion means improved engine performance. You will realize increased power from your engine. At the same time, you will enjoy greater fuel economy.

PRI-G reduces the hesitation, knocking, and pinging that is common in gasoline engines. It is also extremely effective at cutting harmful emissions. Smog tests are no longer a challenge.

Reduced Maintenance Costs – PRI-G’s proprietary, refinery-grade chemistry is unsurpassed at preventing carbon deposits and fuel system fouling. Your engine will remain cleaner and last longer, which means maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Keep your car, boat, or RV in great shape for years to come!

Keeps Fuel Fresh and Ready To Use – The fact is – fuel ages quickly! No matter how soon you use the gasoline you buy, it will have aged in your fuel tank by the time you use it; for that reason, you can’t afford to be without PRI-G. PRI-G keeps gasoline fresh. In fact, by treating the fuel annually with PRI-G, you can keep it fresh in storage for years! You’ll be assured a fast start for your engine next season, or whenever you use it next.

Those operating a generator periodically are especially benefited by PRI-G use – when it comes time to run that generator, its fuel will be fresh and ready to go! If your fuel has already aged, PRI-G can still help. Tests have shown where PRI-G can restore aged fuel to refinery-fresh conditions.

Super Concentrated – PRI-G is super concentrated, with a dose rate of 1:2,000. This means PRI-G is extremely cost-effective to use. Get the most out of your gasoline for only pennies a gallon! PRI-G also has a three-year shelf life.

Safe To Use – PRI-G’s enhanced thermal stability chemistry works within the fuel instead of altering it, which means the product is completely safe to use. Fuel specifications aren’t changed, so engine warranties are not voided! PRI-G is safe and effective in both four-stroke and two-stroke engines. Use PRI-G today to get the most out of your gasoline and your engine.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 cm

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