PRI-G Gallon 6 Pack

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PRI-G Gallon 6 pack Wholesale

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PRI-G wholesale 6 gallons at a discount.

One gallon of PRI-G treats 2000 gallons. Six gallons of PRI G Fuel stabilizer treats 12,000 gals.

Buy bulk fuel treatment designed for 2 and 4-stroke engines.

1 oz. of PRI fuel stabilizer treats 16 gallons of fuel.

PRI-G Power Research Inc. super concentrated, complete fuel treatment that improves any type of gasoline, including the latest E-10 blends, enabling them to perform to maximum potential. PRI-G’s industrial strength and enhanced thermal stability chemistry react with fuel upon contact.

Improved Engine Performance – PRI-G works chemically within gasoline to improve the combustion process. Improved combustion means improved engine performance. You will realize increased power from your engine. At the same time, you will enjoy greater fuel economy. PRI-G reduces the hesitation, knocking, and pinging that is common in gasoline engines. It is also extremely effective at cutting harmful emissions. With PRI gasoline fuel treatment and stabilizer, smog tests are no longer a challenge.

PRI-G quart 32 oz., PRI-G pint 16 oz., PRI-G 8 oz..

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 12 cm

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